AAPG Balanced Cross Section Seminar
American Inter. Pet. Corp. Colombia Magdalena Basin
AMOCO Oklahoma Fold and Thrust Belt, Balanced Cross Sections and California Transpression Field Trip
Albion International Resources, Inc. Pakistan and Costa Rica exploration
ARCO Alaska, Inc. Brooks Range Fold and Thrust Belt
ARCO Oil and Gas Company California Basins evaluation, Nevada Basin & Range exploration, Utah & Colorado Overthrust exploration, Paradox  Basin exploration, California & Nevada Field Seminars
ARCO International Oil & Gas Company Pakistan exploration evaluation
Benton Oil and Gas Company Colombia Basins evaluation
CGG Catedral Field Structure, Mexico
Chevron USA California Basins evaluation
Chevron Overseas Pakistan exploration evaluation
CONOCO Pakistan exploration evaluation; Sulaiman Range evaluation, Pakistan; Balanced Cross Section Seminar and California Transpression Field Trip
COPECO Colombia Llanos Basin
Coplex Colombia, Catatumbo and Cesar Rancheria Basins
Esso Resources Canada British Columbia Thrust Belt
Ecopetrol Colombia, Llanos Foothills and Putumayo Basin, Magdalena Basins
Exxon Exploration Company Latin America and Caribbean Fold & Thrust Belt, Peru and Bolivia fold belt evaluation
Exxon Production Research Company California Field Seminars
The GHK Company Oklahoma Fold and Thrust Belt, China, Colombia (Magdalena basin)
Garnet Energy Resources Colombia, Putumayo Basin
Gulfsands Petreoleum Inc Colombia, Magdalena Basin
Harken Oil and Gas Company Colombia, Magdalena Basin
Hocal Colombia, Magdalena Basin
Hondo Oil and Gas Company Colombia, Magdalena Basin
Hunt Oil Company California Basins evaluation, Balanced Cross Section Seminar
Indonesian Geological Association Balanced Cross Section Seminar
Jupiter Exploration Inc. Pakistan, California Basins
Kuwait Oil Company Balanced Cross Section Seminar
LASMO Oil Ltd. (Colombia) Colombia, Magdalena and Llanos Basins
Maxus Energy California Basins, Balanced Cross Section Seminar
Meridian California Basins and San Joaquin Basin Seminar
Mitchell Energy Corporation Oklahoma Fold and Thrust Belt, Colorado Overthrust
Mobil Exploration and Producing U.S. California Basins, west side San Joaquin Basin Study
Mobil Oil Indonesia Irian Jaya
National Science Foundation (NSF) Northridge Earthquake 1994
Oil & Gas Development Corp. Pakistan Balanced Cross Section Seminars
PEMEX Balanced Cross Section Seminars, Campeche Bay and Chiapas Fold Belt
PGS Reservoir Motatan Field, Venezuela
Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) Kohat & Potwar Basins
Santa Fe Energy Resources California Basins evaluation, Midway-Sunset Field StucturalStudy, California Field Seminar
Seven Seas Petroleum Turkey, Jordon, and Colombia evaluations, Papuan foreland basin study and PPL 182(PNG)
Stone Exploration Inc. California Basins
So. Calif. Earthquake Center Earthquake Hazards Research
Texaco Colombia-Fold and Thrust Belt
United Meridian Corporation (UMC) Chittagong Hill Tracts Fold Belt, Bangladesh
United States Geological Survey Earthquake Hazard Research
United States Bureau of Reclamation Earthquake Hazard Research
Vastar Resources, Inc. Northeastern Nevada exploration
Weyerhaeuser Company Oklahoma Fold and Thrust Belt