Who We Are

We are petroleum geologists with a strong background in complex structures and fold and thrust belt exploration. We have performed a broad range of exploration tasks worldwide for numerous energy companies and related government agencies. These tasks include making geologic maps from Landsat and other remote sensing data sets, construction of balanced cross sections, seismic interpretation, subsurface mapping and trap identification, fold and thrust belt petroleum system analysis, and structural field work. Davis and Namson’s goal is to generate valid and testable products that a client can use to find economic accumulations of oil and gas. Davis and Namson can do specific tasks or multi-task projects that are easily integrated into a broader exploration program. Drilling resulting in both economic and geologic successes has tested much of our work. Davis and Namson Consulting Geologists have been in business for over 11 years and the principals: Thom Davis and Jay Namson each have over 20 years experience in petroleum exploration and have published extensively on fold and thrust belt geology.